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Ibaraki Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery Products Export Promotion Committee


FoundedJanuary 11, 2011
Aim and Objectives To keep a close communication with the members and aim at the promotion of exportation of agricultural, forestry and fishery, and artificial products from Ibaraki
Export ItemsRice,Sweet Potato,Green Tea,Octopus,Alcoholic Beverages(Japanese Sake, Beer),Soy Sauce

In January 2011, Ibaraki prefecture established the "Ibaraki Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery Products Export Promotion Committee" to support participation in overseas business talks and so on.
As a result, intermittent exports of  mainly fishery processed products, alcoholic beverages and soy sauce to North America and Southeast Asia  have been conducted. In recent years, they have also begun efforts for the export of melon and pears to mainly Southeast Asia.

List of Hitachigyu overseas sales and promotion outlets

Store NameDateNote
1st certified outletSheraton Hanoi Hotel2014.10.071st certified outlet in Vietnam
2nd certified outletUmi's Ho Chi Minh2014.12.182nd certified outlet in Vietnam
3rd certified outletSasao2015.06.031st certified outlet in Thailand
4th certified outletWagyu Asakusa2015.07.152nd certified outlet in Thailand
5th certified outletMAKOTO2015.08.253rd certified outlet in Vietnam
6th certified outletTOUKA2015.09.293rd certified outlet in Thailand
7th certified outletHAMAOKA2015.12.054th certified outlet in Thailand
8th certified outletGen Japanese Charcoal Grill2016.06.035th certified outlet in Thailand


CountryEvent NameDateNumber of Companies Participating
MalaysiaBuyer Invitation2015.04.20-214
VietnamBusiness Meeting in Vietnam2015.07.27-301
ThailandThailand Business Convention2015.09.172
MalaysiaTrade Fair in Malaysia2015.09.29-10.023
CanadaBusiness Meeting in Canada2015.12.022
MalaysiaBuyer Invitation2016.02.15-1713
MalaysiaBusiness meeting in Malaysia in 2016, promorting Japan's export of agricultural and marine products and food2016.09.07-082
ThailandBusiness meeting in Bankok promorting Japan's export of agricultural and marine products and food2016.11.23-241
AmericaWINTER FANCY FOOD SHOW2017.01.22-241

Invite buyers

CountryEvent NameDateNumber of Companies Participating
ThailandInvite buyers from Thailand,Organization of business meetings2016.03.08-107
MalaysiaInvite buyers from Mayaysia,Organization of business meetings 2016.07.14-158
VietnamInvite buyers form Vietnam,Organization of business meetings 2016.08.18-1911

Links to Members' Websites

Members' NamesURL
Agri Yamazaki Co.,Ltd.http://agri-yamazaki.jp/en/index.html
Shibanuma-syouyu Co., Ltd.http://www.shibanuma.com/
Shimizu ShotenCo.,Ltd.http://www.shi-mi-zu.net/
SUDOHONKE Inc.http://www.sudohonke.co.jp
National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations - The Headquarter of Ibaraki Prefecture(JA ZEN-NOH Ibaraki)http://www.ib.zennoh.or.jp/contents/index_img/businessguide.pdf
IIJIMA CHIKUSAN CO.LTDhttp//:www.iijima1129.co.jp