Taste of Ibaraki-Blessed with fertile earth, the ocean, mountains, and a mild climate, Ibaraki is a cornucopia for abundant foodstuffs. Ibaraki boasts the highest production of agricultural products such as melons, lotus roots, and Green peppers nationally. Each region inside the prefecture utilizes their area’s specific characteristics in order to produce various agricultural and marine products, including sea food such as Kashima open sea clams and angler fish, as well as animal products such as Hitachi beef. Also, Ibaraki food produce has the highest turnover nationally at Tokyo Wholesale Market for twelve years in a row. As a base provider of food for the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Ibaraki continues to offer high quality and fresh foodstuffs.

Melon,Chicken Eggs,Green Pepper,Lotus Root,Dried Sweet Potatoes,Mizuna,Bok-Choy,Mitsuba

Sweet Potatoes, Lettuce, Chinese Cabbage,Asian Pears, Burdock Root,Peanuts,Green peppers, Parsley, Cauliflower, Rakkyo root

Japanese leek, Sweet Corn, Chinese chives, Pumpkin,Beefsteak Plant, Broad Beans, Devil's Tongue

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Ibaraki Prefecture Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
Agricultural Production Promotion Division
Ecoagriculture Promotion Section
Email: econou1@pref.ibaraki.lg.jp (English only)